April 10, 2017

Speaking in Tongues and Prophecy

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his disciples. With the coming of the Spirit the first Christians experienced charismata, or spiritual gifts. These gifts equipped the church to witness to the Jesus with vitality. Speaking in Tongues and Prophecy are tow gifts that called for the Apostle Paul's special attention in his correspondence with Christians in Corinth. This sermon reflects upon 1 Corinthians 14:1-12, 18-19
April 10, 2017

The Use and Abuse of Prophecy

Prophecy has great potential for misunderstanding. This gift suffers abuse to an enormous extent in some churches. The abuse has given it a bad name and muddied the waters for others. The New Testament understanding of prophecy meant spontaneous speaking on behalf of God to another person for his or her good. Prophecy does not necessarily mean predicting the future, although a few instances occur in the New Testament where we find predictive words (e.g. Agabus to Paul Acts 21:11)