April 10, 2017

An Early Funeral Sermon, Facing Your Own Death

This is the third in a series on death. Christians sometimes worry about those who died outside the faith. This sermon addressees the confidence that we can have in committing them to God. Then this sermon helps us face our own death, urging us to make the most of our time while we are alive to fill the world with God's love. What will your legacy be
April 10, 2017

When We Say a Final Goodbye to a Loved One

How shall we Christians say our final farewells to loved ones? This sermon is a second in a series on death. In this sermon we explore the use of the funeral and the great and precious promises that Christ brings us.
April 10, 2017

O Death, Where is Your Sting?

Death is an unpleasant and painful subject. Yet, we cannot avoid it. Everyone faces the death of loved ones and eventually their own death. Christians have a unique understanding of death that stands in contrast to several other belief systems. In our community of faith we must deal with this topic. This sermon is an introduction to the topic and will be followed by two other sermons addressing death.